LM3 —Clive’s Language Model

LM3 has been designed to be more helpful than any other. Built on Mistral and engineered for impact.


LM3 now has the ability to see what you see and understand what it sees; giving rise to unprecedented capabilities in the field of assistance.


LM3 can now, for instance, identify ingredients and generate a recipe for you as well as many other visual capabilities.

LM3 —Data Context

Once you integrate with your favorite apps, LM3 gives you the ability to ask analytical questions on your private data. You can now fetch your transaction history from you bank and ask for insights on your spending behaviors.


LM3 gives you the ability to upload a file and have a full conversation about the file. You can talk to Clive about any PDF, DocX, CSV and even JSON.


LM3 is designed with the ability to fetch real time / current data from the internet. You can ask Clive about what happened yesterday and LM3 will find that information for you.


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