Clive AI Simplifies Your Daily Life.

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Designed to help you do everything from a simple command.

Automate Processing

We leverage our serverside integrations with Partner Services to automate entire processes on your behalf.

Data Security

All your data is encrypted from at rest and in transit. Clive take user data privacy extremely seriously.

Human Behavior

Clive learns your behaviours, securely has your information in order to do stuff for you easier each time.

Clive, how far is Burger king from my location?


Bringing all your favourite apps under one umbrella.


Bringing all your finances closer to you.

Ever Growing Capabilities

Clive has continuous integration cycles; check again tomorrow, there might be some new capabilities for your favourite app.

Clive, What do I have on my calendar today?


Clive, What is the weather like today?

Access Clive AI through the web.

Incorporate Clive AI seamlessly into your workplace and daily tasks, ensuring uninterrupted productivity both in the office and on the move.


LM3 - Our Language Model With Vision

LM3 was designed with the goal of being multi-modal. LM3 now has the ability to see as well as the ability to read and interprete multiple file types. Our goal is to maximise your capabilities.


AI Assistants: How Tomorrow’s Technology Is Shaping Everyday Interactions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has swiftly become an integral part of our lives, significantly altering the way we interact with technology. From the early stages of basic assistants to today’s advanced models, AI has undergone a remarkable evolution.


The Future With Clive AI

From Google Calendar integration to account balance inquiries, Clive AI aims to cater to diverse user needs. The company has incorporated face ID recognition and is set to include a voice synthesizer for enhanced security.

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